Better comfort, security and energy efficiency with smart home solutions from Schüco.

Digitalisation is making our world more and more intelligent. That goes for your house as well. If you don’t want your newbuild to be an old build, you can no longer afford to miss out on our innovative smart home solutions. They make your daily life easier, more comfortable and more efficient, as well as protect your health, home and property, while playing an important role in increasing and retaining its value in the long term. That’s why Schüco offers you inspiring, intelligent and interconnected products and systems which will enrich your smart life.

Smart automation solutions for your home


A comfortable home at the touch of a button

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Fully automatic fresh air

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Building Skin Control for the perfect climate

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Comfort and design in a single package

Networked Schüco ventilation solutions improve energy efficiency and security, protect the building and guarantee a healthy, comfortable climate, while communication between doors, access controls and emergency exit controls improves the security and convenience of the building. The choice of operating controls ranges from simple buttons through to apps for smartphones and tablets, all of them user-friendly. The timeless design of Schüco system components is of the highest quality, and the puristic appearance provides clients and modernisers with boundless design freedom.