Janisol Door System

Thermally insulated steel profile system for flush-fitted door designs

The thermally insulated Janisol® steel profile system (basic depth 60 mm) is highly suitable for constructing attractive and sophisticated single and double-leaf doors, both inside and outside – also with side components and toplights.

The system compatibility of the Janisol® door series means that different security requirements can be met easily with a uniform solution: Janisol® doors look almost identical to Jansen Economy® doors (R30/RS/burglar-resistant) and the Janisol® fire door series


Fabrication benefits

  • Particularly narrow profile face width of only 60 mm
  • All current types of opening possible
  • Almost unlimited choice of colours
  • Optional burglar and bullet resistance
  • Complete fittings system including attractive stainless steel barrel hinges
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Flexible application options due to system compatibility

Technical information

System basic depth60 mm
Uf value of frame (≥)2.3 W/(m²·K)
Max. height3000 mm
Max. width1465 mm
Max. glass/panel thickness37 mm
Area of applicationExternal use, Residential projects, Residential projects, Commercial projects, Doors
Surface finishesRAL, Powder, Paint
Air permeabilityClass 4
WatertightnessClass 4A
Wind load resistanceClass C4
Burglar resistanceUp to RC3
Ud value of door (≥)1.2 W/(m²·K)
Max. vent weight230 kg
Min.-max. height1915…3000 mm
Min.-max. width640…1465 mm
Max. clear opening dimension (w x h)2870 x 2985 mm
Min. clear opening dimension (w x h)600 x 1900 mm
Min. face width107.5 mm
Min.-max. glass/panel thickness15…37 mm
Barrier-free (≤) 20 mmYes
Zero-level thresholdYes
Thick door leaf60 mm
Type of designSingle-vent, Double-vent, Single-vent with toplight and side section, Double-vent with toplight and side section
Vent optionFlush-fitted, Insert panel infill, Anti-finger-trap door, Finger-trap protection
Infill typeInsert panel infill, Door infill, leaf-enclosing on two sides
Door thresholdAutomatic door gasket, Flat door threshold, Easy-access door threshold
Special applicationsAnti-finger-trap door, Sheet metal clad door
Fitting materialSteel, Stainless steel
Concealed fittings systemYes
Neutral-colour fittingYes
Fittings installationSurface-mounted door hinge, Concealed door hinge, Barrel hinge
Electric strikesYes
With panic functionYes
Finger-trap protectionYes
Opening typeInward and outward, Single and double-vent
DIN directionDIN LH / RH
Door swingFlush-fitted
Mechanical strengthClass 4
Proof of durability1,000,000 in accordance with DIN EN 12400
Behaviour between different climatesClass 2(d),2(e)
Max. sound reduction Rwp45 dB(A)
Security systemYes
Top / bottom door closersYes
Door closer typeTop closers, Floor springs
CE markingYes


Architecture in steel and glass

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Specification texts

Janisol door
WK1 / WK2 / WK3 (make a selection) in accordance with DIN EN 1627
Thermally insulated steel profile system for doors with a basic depth of 60 mm

Design features:
The load-bearing construction consists of thermally broken steel profiles with integrated isolators
(tested pre-rolled).
All corner and T-joints are securely welded together.
The high-quality insulating bar securely joins the half profiles together. It withstands the short-term temperature increases during welding.
Smooth steel profiles and insulating bars must be used on all sides.
In the case of door units with burglar-resistant requirements, the fabrication and assembly guidelines from the system provider must be observed.
The width of the profiles (without rebates) is 25/50 mm
Door leaves flush-fitted inside and outside with 5 mm shadow gap on all sides.
Double, continuous rebate weatherstrip on three sides. Transition to automatic floor seal without using special seals
Please select the required threshold construction and delete alternatives.
Without a threshold, no seal.
With aluminium semi-circular profile and weatherstrip.
Without a threshold, with automatic floor seals.
With threshold rebate (allow for height difference in the floor)
End of threshold construction selection
All corner and T-joints are securely welded together
The doors are designed to be burglar resistant (WK1 / WK2 / WK3) in accordance with DIN ENV 1627. Only tested fittings that belong to the system may be used (type and method of construction are described in more detail in the “Fittings” section).
The use of glazing in accordance with DIN EN 356 and/or infills as gypsum plaster board panels with sheet steel panelling is tested and approved (type and design are described in more detail in the section on glazing and infills)
The installation and fabrication guidelines from the system provider must be observed.
The infill is sealed in using double-sided tape and sealing is by means of permanently elastic sealing compound.
A glazing bead is used on one side of the glazing.
Glazing bead: ???
Wider sill rails or transoms are possible through the use of profile combinations in conjunction with flush-fitted, welded steel inserts. For sill rails over 100 mm, the sill rail sheets must be 3 mm thick.

Profile depths:
Outer frame, mullion, transom 60 mm
Leaf frame (door) 60 mm

Profile face widths:
Outer frame (door) 40/65/87.5 mm
Z trim (door) 40 mm
Outer frame (glazing) 47.5/72.5/95 mm
Sill rail profile (glazing) 47.5/70/95 mm
Outer frame extension 25/50 mm
Mullion 70/95 mm
Transom 70/95 mm
Leaf frame (door) 65 mm
Sill rail profile (door) 70/95 mm


CAD data

Janisol doors – Burglar Resistance

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Janisol doors – insulated

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Janisol Anti-finger-trap Door

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Test documents

Document type Test type Result Classification Document no. / Download
Prüfzeugnis Beschuß FB6 NS FB6 NS View onlineDownload (pdf, 1.3 MB)
Prüfzeugnis Beschuß FB5 S FB5 S View onlineDownload (pdf, 1.6 MB)
Prüfbericht Fähigkeit zur Freigabe Anforderung erfüllt Anforderung erfüllt View onlineDownload
Prüfzeugnis Beschuß FB4 NS FB4 NS View onlineDownload (pdf, 44.1 KB)
Prüfzeugnis Beschuß FB6 NS FB6 NS View onlineDownload (pdf, 947.2 KB)
Prüfbericht Dauerlaufprüfung Klasse 8 (EN 12400) Klasse 8 (EN 12400) View onlineDownload (pdf, 444.9 KB)
Prüfbericht Klimaprüfung Klima d/e (EN 12219) Klima d/e (EN 12219) View onlineDownload (pdf, 110.0 KB)
Prüfbericht Windwiderstandsfähigkeit
Klasse C2 (EN 12210)
Klasse 3A (EN 12208)
Klasse 2 (EN 12207)
Klasse C2 (EN 12210)
Klasse 3A (EN 12208)
Klasse 2 (EN 12207)
View onlineDownload (pdf, 831.6 KB)
Prüfbericht Dauerlaufprüfung
Klasse 7/8 (EN 12400)
Klasse 3 (EN 12217)
Klasse 7/8 (EN 12400)
Klasse 3 (EN 12217)
View onlineDownload (pdf, 1.8 MB)
Prüfzeugnis Beschuß FB4 NS FB4 NS View onlineDownload (pdf, 44.2 KB)
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