Façade USC 65

Unitised curtain wall with high level of cost-effectiveness, functionality as well as an attractive appearance – and façade bracket for universal load connection

The design of the Schüco Façade USC 65 (Unitised System Construction) is flexible and can be fabricated efficiently. With its all-round narrow face width of only 65 mm as well as maximum unit weights up to 500 kg, it enables large architecturally appealing façade constructions. An additional benefit: with the façade bracket made from glass fibre-reinforced plastic, loads such as solar shading systems can be connected safety and without thermal bridges. The approval is pending for this energy-efficient solution, which is free of condensation, on the basis of numerous tests.

With its three design options, Schüco USC 65 offers maximum design freedom to create highly sophisticated architecture: Schüco USC 65 F as unitised façade with framed look, Schüco USC 65 FSG in structural glazing look with horizontal or vertically arranged glazing beads.

For using opening units in unitised façades, there is a wide range of Schüco windows from the AWS to the super-insulated Schüco AWS 114 SG.SI series.




  • Different lengths of insulating bar with Uf values of 1.4 W/(m²K) to 2.9 W/(m²K) for variable adjustment to different thermal insulation requirements


  • Continuous narrow face width of 65 mm; glass thicknesses between 4 mm and 16 mm for single glazing and between 16 mm and 56 mm for double insulating glass
  • Design variants for frame appearance and semi-structural glazing
  • All opening types can be implemented – from inward-opening turn/tilt vents to outward-opening projected top-hung or parallel-opening vents


  • Integration of Schüco AWS 114 as projected top-hung window or parallel-opening window: possibility of large automated window solutions incorporated in the building management system for standard and SHEVS applications
  • Insert outer frame profiles for integration of the Schüco AWS window series with Schüco TipTronic fitting


  • Comprehensive system tests in accordance with European and American test standards
  • Burglar resistance tested in the system to RC 2

Enhanced function

  • Large unit dimensions and heavy unit weights of up to 500 kg possible
  • Integration of a broad range of Schüco windows possible
  • Two horizontal joint gaps for variable adjustment to different roof deflections: 10 mm to accommodate a ± 5 mm stretch and 20 mm to accommodate ± 7.5 mm stretch


System basic depth
  • 150 mm
Min. face width
  • 65 mm
Uf value of frame (≥)
  • 1.4 W/(m²·K)
Max. glass/panel thickness
  • 56 mm
Max. sound reduction Rwp
  • 61 dB(A)
Air permeability
  • AE
  • RE 1200
Burglar resistance
  • Up to RC3
Wind load resistance
  • 1.5/2.25 [kN/m²]
CE marking
  • Ja
Surface finishes
  • Powder
  • Anodised
  • Paint
Min.-max. glass/panel thickness
  • 22…56 mm
Suitable for safety barrier loading
  • Ja
Impact resistance
  • I5/E5
Max. height
  • 3600 mm
Max. width
  • 2700 mm
Min. system basic depth
  • 125 mm
Min.-max. system basic depth
  • 125…150 mm
  • Aluminium
  • Unitised façade
  • Highly thermally insulated
  • Appearance of a cover cap
  • Semi-structural glazing
  • Framed look
Max. weight
  • 500 kg
AAMA certified
  • Yes
Max. system basic depth
  • 150 mm
Min.-max. face width
  • 65 mm
Min. glass/panel thickness
  • 22 mm
Min. basic depth of mullion
  • 125 mm
Max. basic depth of mullion
  • 150 mm
Min.-max. basic depth of mullion
  • 125…150 mm
Face width of pressure plate / cover cap profile
  • 27.5 mm
Face width, outside
  • 65 mm
Face width, inside
  • 65 mm
Face width of mullion
  • 27.5 mm
Face width of frame
  • 27.5 mm
Face width of transom
  • 27.5 mm
Total width of unit
  • 2700 mm
Total height of unit
  • 3600 mm
Basic depth of frame
  • 150 mm
Horizontal joint flexibility
  • 7.5 mm
Vertical joint flexibility
  • 5 mm
Integrated ventilation
  • Ja
Building authority approval
  • Ja
  • EN ISO 10077
  • DIN EN 13830
  • General building authority approval
  • DIN EN 1627
  • DIN 4102
Installation angle
  • 90°
  • Ja
Drainage levels
  • 1
  • Ja
Sun shading attachment
  • Ja
Polygon façade angle
  • 1.5°
Butt joint width
  • 10 mm
Max. unit weight
  • 500 kg
Max. glass/infill weight
  • 500 kg