Ventilation System VentoLife

Window-integrated, automatic air purification and oxygen supply – the perfect solution for a healthy indoor climate by efficiently removing harmful substances from the air

Having clean air to breathe is a basic human need. However, a high concentration of particulate matter can have an adverse effect on health, particularly in urban areas. This is why Schüco has developed Schüco VentoLife, an air purification system with a multi-stage air purification filter that has been specially designed to meet the needs of people living in cities and urban areas.

Schüco VentoLife allows life-sustaining oxygen to pass through freely, while efficiently ridding the air of particulate matter and other particles in the air that are harmful to health. And there’s more: Even in heavy smog, the smallest particulate matter is removed. In recirculating air mode, too, the air in the room is cleaned so effectively that no further air purification devices are necessary. Outside air is added as required by means of a sensor-controlled flap in order to achieve optimum air quality in the building at all times.

Schüco VentoLife is integrated in windows or façades so that it is almost completely concealed. The filter and ventilation function does not depend on the type or use of the room, paving the way for straightforward use in residential properties as well as office buildings. Overall, Schüco VentoLife not only significantly improves quality of life and the working atmosphere, it also ensures the high value of a property in the long term.



  • Integrated control unit that is parameterised in the factory automatically adjusts to the ambient conditions: No complex commissioning required
  • Can be used flexibly in the Schüco AWS 50 to Schüco AWS 75.SI+ window series as well as in Schüco façades by means of an insert outer frame
  • Fabrication in accordance with familiar principles by means of retention of the device in the same way as glazing: Short familiarisation period ensured
  • Simple 230 volt electrical connection minimises cabling required


Max. sound reduction Rwp
  • 42 dB(A)
Air permeability
  • Class 4
  • Class 9A
Wind load resistance
Power supply
  • 230 V/50 Hz
Dimensions (w x h x d)
for system basic depths
Max. air exchange rate
Operating limit
Min. unit width
Additional face width
Ventilation type
Max. sound reduction Dn,e,w



Schüco VentoLife Air Purification Device

A decentralised air purification device using fans for use in environments with polluted air. It can be integrated unobtrusively in windows or façades and frees the air fed in from outside effectively from particulates and noxious gases as well as unpleasant smells. Even in heavy smog, the smallest particulates are removed from the air with a level of efficiency of ≥ 99.5 %. A layer made from an activated carbon-potassium permanganate compound additionally eliminates troublesome smells, bacteria and toxic substances that are hazardous to health. In recirculating air mode, the air in the room is cleaned so effectively that generally no further air purification devices are necessary. Outside air is dosed in as required by a sensor-controlled flap in order to achieve optimum air quality in the building. Integrated sensors for the parameters “humidity”, “level of particulate matter pollution” and “level of volatile organic compound pollution” (VOC) in addition to a fan with an EC motor guarantee efficient operation with the lowest possible power requirements. In automatic mode, the integrated outside/recirculating air flap ensures the necessary fresh air supply. During the night, the automatic silent mode can be activated in order to limit the speed of the ventilator and, with it, the noise level. Information on the operating status and ambient air conditions is shown to the user by means of a self-explanatory display and a shadow gap illuminated in traffic light colours. The device can be operated via infrared remote control. Individual adaptation to the building is possible due to variable length and flexible installation position (horizontal/vertical). Fabrication is carried out in accordance with familiar principles through retention in the same way as glazing. The devices are pre-set and therefore immediately ready for use. A required filter change is indicated on the display.

Technical information/properties:
Filter properties:
Class 12 suspended matter filter with activated carbon and potassium permanganate, with a pull-out tab for replacement without tools.
Monitoring and control:
Via sensors for particulate matter, VOC, temperature and humidity.
A motorised butterfly valve shuts off the external air supply when the device is switched off.
Volume flows: Level 5: 50 m3/h
Level 4: 40 m3/h
Level 3: 30 m3/h
Level 2: 20 m3/h
Level 1: 15 m3/h

In automatic mode, the measured values are evaluated and the volume flows are regulated as required.
Connection voltage: 115 – 230 V, 50-60 Hz
Power consumption: Level 5: 14 W
Level 4: 8 W
Level 3: 6 W
Level 2: 5 W
Level 1: 4 W
Operating limit: -20°C
Inherent noise/sound pressure level: Lp = 25-40 dB(A), depending on fan level
Sound reduction: Including window RW,P up to max. 38 dB possible when switched off
Dimensions: Height: 900 mm (see system default settings for minimum installation measurement)
Width: 200 mm
Depth: 110 mm
Integration options: Schüco AWS 50 to 75 SI+ series including AWS BS and Schüco façade systems using insert outer frames
Installation position: Horizontal or vertical, flush-fitted inside or outside
Tested in combination with the window system:
Air permeability to EN 12207: Class 3 (switched off)
Weathertightness to EN 12208: Class 9A (switched off)
Class 7A (fan level 5)
Wind resistance to EN 12210: Class C5/B5 (switched off)

Integration in the window or façade construction is according to the system description and construction drawings of the manufacturer.