Window System AWS 90.SI+

Maximum thermal insulation combined with style and design freedom

The Schüco AWS 90.SI+ (Super Insulation) window system perfectly meets structural requirements while offering the greatest possible design freedom – including optimised thermal insulation and passive house certification.

As part of the Schüco AWS modular system for the 90 mm basic depth, the aluminium window offers a high level of flexibility for implementing attractive design solutions in building envelopes. Depending on architectural requirements, it can be configured as a punched opening, ribbon window or insert units in Schüco façades as well as in combination with Schüco door systems.

The wide range of opening types includes designs such as side-hung, turn/tilt and tilt/slide vents as well as barrier-free opening and double-vent units.

A further benefit for specifiers and architects is the wide range of profiles within the system platform, including corner mullions, structural mullions, symmetrical and asymmetrical mullions, as well as additional combination options, such as with Schüco sun shading and ventilation systems.

The window system with maximum thermal insulation thereby sets standards in terms of planning and design flexibility for the construction of energy-efficient, stylish building envelopes.


Technical information

System basic depth90 mm
Min. face width99 mm
Uf value of frame (≥)0.71 W/(m²·K)
Max. glass/panel thickness68 mm
Max. vent width1700 mm
Max. vent height2500 mm
Max. sound reduction Rwp47 dB(A)
Air permeabilityClass 4
WatertightnessClass 9A
Burglar resistanceUp to RC3
Wind load resistanceClass C5 / B5
CE markingYes
Total basic depth100 mm
Width of vent frame100 mm
Max. vent weight250 kg
Min.-max. vent height540…2500 mm
Min.-max. vent width470…1700 mm
Outer frame face width56 mm
Vent frame face width43 mm
Max. face width of mullion260 mm
Min.-max. face width of mullion86…260 mm
Max. face width of meeting stile163 mm
Min.-max. face width of meeting stile148…163 mm
Min.-max. glass/panel thickness28…68 mm
Barrier-free (≤) 20 mmYes
Zero-level thresholdYes
Area of applicationExternal use, Residential projects, Residential projects, Commercial projects
Shear bondYes
Concealed fittings systemYes
Surface finishesPowder, Anodised, Paint
Glass compositionTriple glazing
Operating forcesClass 1
Barrier-free operating forces in accordance with DIN 18040Yes
Opening type: TipTronic, inward-openingTurn/tilt, Side-hung, Bottom-hung, Toplight
Opening type: manual, inward-openingTurn/tilt, Side-hung, Bottom-hung, Double-vent turn/tilt / side-hung, Double-vent side-hung / side-hung, Tilt/slide, Toplight, Tilt-before-turn
Opening angle180 °
Mechanical strengthClass 4
Proof of durabilityClass 3
Corrosion protection class for fittingsClass 5
Uw value of window (≥)0.92 W/(m²·K)
Ug value of glass (≤)0.3 W/(m²·K)
Drainage levels3
Security glazingYes
Suitable for safety barrier loadingYes
Certificatescradle2cradle SILVER
Passive house classphC


[C] Schüco AWS 90.SI⁺

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[G] Basic depth 90 mm

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Order manual 1-3 – Window fittings

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[Ha] Schüco AWS 90.SI+

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Fabrication manual 1-3 – Window fittings

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Schüco barrier-free Window Systems

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Mechanical security with Schüco aluminium systems

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Specification texts

Schüco AWS 90.SI+, aluminium window system to passive house standard
With 90 mm basic depth.

Design features:
Face-fitted vent frame on the room side rebated by 10 mm from the frame edge, flush-fitted on the outside.
Thermally insulated insulating bars with three hollow chambers in the vent and foam insulation form the rebate for the co-extruded, hollow multi-chamber centre gasket, which is fitted with a foam core and has three fins to reduce convection.
The centre gasket is attached in the area of the insulation zone to the insulating bars by means of a double locating groove and hooking in at the rear.
The glazing rebate is thermally insulated by means of foam profiles which are tailored to the profile system and wrap around the outer insulating glass edge.
The system must be fitted with square glazing beads.
The glazing beads are installed with plastic clips to compensate tolerances.

Profile basic depths:
Outer frame, mullion, transom 90 mm
Vent frame 100 mm

Profile face widths:
Outer frame, bottom 109 mm
Outer frame, side and top 84 mm
Mullion 104 mm
Transom 104 mm
Vent frame (window) 36 mm
Vent frame (window door) 46 mm
Double-vent profile, narrow 62 mm


CAD data

Planning principles

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System drawings

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Rule details

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Design suggestions

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Test documents

Document type Test type Result Classification Document no. / Download
Prüfzeugnis Schallmessung 45 (-1;-4) View onlineDownload (pdf, 603.7 KB)
Prüfzeugnis Schallmessung 45 (-2;-4) View onlineDownload (pdf, 946.9 KB)
Prüfzeugnis Schallmessung 45 (-1;-4) View onlineDownload (pdf, 610.2 KB)
Prüfzeugnis Schallmessung 42 (-3;-7) View onlineDownload (pdf, 611.1 KB)
Prüfzeugnis Schallmessung 42 (-3;-7) View onlineDownload (pdf, 604.3 KB)
Prüfzeugnis Schallmessung 39 (-3;-6) View onlineDownload (pdf, 603.5 KB)
Prüfzeugnis Luftdurchlässigkeit
Q100(L)=0.26 ; Q100(F)=0.30
V1: 750 / V2: 300
Klasse 4
V1:Klasse E750 / V2: Klasse 7A
Klasse C3/B3Klasse 4
Klasse 4
View onlineDownload (pdf, 221.8 KB)
Prüfzeugnis Dauerlaufprüfung
Klasse 1
Klasse 3
Klasse 1
View onlineDownload (pdf, 568.0 KB)
Prüfzeugnis Schallmessung 33 (-1;-5) View onlineDownload (pdf, 609.8 KB)
Prüfzeugnis Luftdurchlässigkeit
Klasse 2
Klasse 2
Klasse 4
Klasse 4
Klasse 2
Klasse 9A
Klasse C3/B3
Klasse 2
Klasse 4
Klasse 4
View onlineDownload (pdf, 1.3 MB)