Parus Office Building

Kiew, Ukraine

Project description

This high-rise office building in Kiev, which bears the name of its developer, Parus, soars majestically skywards. The base structure is a perimeter block development built in accordance with urban planning requirements. It forms a narrow triangle in line with the street, which is gently rounded at its vertex. Independent of the shape of the base structure, there is a 30-storey, lenticular high-rise building in the centre. This tower has a stylish design that tapers off sharply at the ends. A vertical tower clad in sheet aluminium contrasts nicely with the translucent façade surfaces of its larger sibling.

Short information

  • Building category   – Office and Business
  • Products.          – Façades, Security
  • Series                 – FW 50+, FW 50+SG
  • Architects.        – Frau Grigorowa
  • Specialist          – Fa.Eurowiknobud


Project Name:Parus Office Building
Architects:Frau Grigorowa, Orchid
Location:Kiew, Ukraine