New living and lifestyle requirements demand clever and creative solutions. Unrestricted ease of access, maximum comfort and a puristic design need not be a contradiction. The new generation of Schüco ASE 60/80 sliding systems enable almost any choice of individual configuration.

Creating individual living spaces and making dreams a reality poses new challenges for today’s architects and clients. A symbiosis of design, comfort and function is sought after. The new Schüco ASE 67 PD panoramic sliding system was specially developed to meet every requirement in terms of function, comfort and aesthetics.

With narrow face widths and a concealed outer frame, the ASS 77 PD (Panorama Design) system creates maximum transparency. It can either be operated manually or with electronic control. The whole system offers flexibility and reliability in planning, fabrication and installation. The ASS 77 PD sliding system has been awarded the Swiss Minergie certificate.

THE NEW GENERATION Whether as sliding or lift-and-slide systems, Schüco aluminium system solutions allow maximum user comfort, thermal insulation, security and design to be perfectly combined. Narrow profile face widths enable large units with maximum light penetration.

“Light and airy” were the main demands of modernism. In terms of technology and construction, a lot has changed in the 100 years since the famous Bauhaus in Weimar was founded. Yet what remains unchanged is the desire to get out of inside spaces. Well thought-out designs allow visionary concepts to be created with sustainable solutions for individual living environments. Inside becomes outside, space grows, air flows and the view is limitless.

“Whether you’re eight or eighty, you want your world to work for you.” This quote from the “Unlimited by Design” exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York encapsulates the spirit of universal design. The same conditions for everyone, no matter their age, rather than special solutions for the select few. But what is behind the term “universal design”? How does the approach, which is at once both innovative and universal, address the challenges of demographic change?

Dazzling sunshine, turquoise sea, endless blue sky – light and shadow. There's nothing quite like the Greek landscape, which still holds many secrets – with countless islands to discover and secluded bays to conquer. It is the perfect place to feel the sea breeze and take time to do simply nothing... which is exactly what the owner of a villa on Zakynthos thought when they built their holiday home.

Between rocks and ferns, the 82 concrete steps wind up the steep mountain. They lead to Jacob and Jenny Fröslee Jonsson's holiday home: a timeless yet modern 100 m2 retreat on the small island of Flatön on the west coast of Sweden. The architect couple built Villa Yv for themselves and their four children.

Spectacular locations in the countryside have long fascinated clients and architects throughout history. One of the most famous examples is Fallingwater house by Frank Lloyd Wright from the 1930s. The house is built on different platforms over a waterfall and uses the existing rocks as walls and to separate the rooms. The owners therefore live with the waterfall instead of just looking at it. From living in the treetops or having a view of the Northern Lights; a house on the beach or a Tiny House on Wheels – anything is possible.

What still sounds futuristic today will be familiar tomorrow. Around 26 billion devices across the globe are already part of the internet of things, creating added value through smart networking. With intelligent smart home technology, residential buildings can better meets their users' increased demands for comfort, security and energy management, thus improving the sustainability of real estate and its readiness for the future.

Villa Mölnlycke Living in harmony with the environment rather than fighting against it is a growing trend. The responsible use of resources and a minimal ecological footprint are also part of this. Living in nature is not just about integrating into the surrounding area, but also becoming a part of it, experiencing it with all the senses.

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