Façade System AF UDC 80 SG

Dynamic unitised façade with all-glass look and a high degree of design freedom

The Schüco AF UDC 80 SG (Aluminium Façade Unitized Dynamic Construction Structural Glazing) façade system looks impressive on the outside with the expansive appearance of an all-glass façade, while on the inside its design is that of a unitised façade with face widths of only 80 mm.

As part of the Schüco AF UDC 80 system platform for aluminium unitised façades, the dynamic system with its scalable and tested assemblies offers architects, specifiers and fabricators an easy way to construct building projects with unitised constructions and a wide range of use and design options based on efficient planning and fabrication.

The flexibility with maximum system reliability facilitates optimum use of system components even for adapted, project-specific unitised façade constructions.

Another benefit is the large degree of design freedom: attractive, individual building envelopes are possible with horizontally displaceable units and accentuated with opaque areas and slanted glazing bars.

The all-glass unitised façade system combines versatility and high energy efficiency with aesthetics and maximum transparency thanks to large unit dimensions. For this, three different options are available: direct bonding, bonding by means of adapter profiles and bonding with glass replacement frames.

Large-scale insert units are possible as projected top-hung or parallel-opening windows with the Schüco AWS 114 SG (Structural Glazing) window system. The design with stepped insulating glass ensures seamless integration in the façade, while the unitised construction also guarantees efficient fabrication and installation.



Fabrication benefits

  • Simple and reliable fabrication of the load-bearing profiles, mitred with corner cleats, guarantees high unit stability
  • A high degree of prefabrication in the workshop ensures fabrication in any weather with the best machining quality and easy-to-calculate costs
  • Maximum use of identical parts enables efficient fabrication and minimises its complexity with few individual parts and short installation times – even with limited space on site
  • Flexible saddle gasket that is supported by profiles and easy to install: reliable joining of the unitised façades on the building
  • System brackets that can be adjusted along three axes for graduated unit weights: precise positioning of the unitised façades

Technical information

Uf value of frame (≥)1.5 W/(m²·K)
Min. face width80 mm
Min.-max. system basic depth130…255 mm
Max. glass/panel thickness70 mm
Max. weight700 kg
Surface finishesPowder, Anodised, Paint
Air permeabilityAE 1200
Max. sound reduction Rwp0 dB(A)
WatertightnessRE 1650
Impact resistanceI5/E5
Suitable for safety barrier loadingYes
Min. system basic depth130 mm
Max. system basic depth255 mm
Basic depth of frame255 mm
Total width of unit3000 mm
Total height of unit4000 mm
Max. unit weight700 kg
Min.-max. face width80 mm
Face width, inside80 mm
Face width of mullion35 mm
Face width of frame35 mm
Face width of transom35 mm
Min. glass/panel thickness22 mm
Min.-max. glass/panel thickness22…70 mm
Max. width3000 mm
Max. height4000 mm
Max. glass/infill weight700 kg
Butt joint width10 mm
Horizontal joint flexibility15 mm
Vertical joint flexibility10 mm
Installation angle90°
Drainage levels1
Wind load resistance2.5/3.75 [kN/m²]
StandardsDIN EN 13830


Schüco Unitised Façades

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