Façade System AOC 60 TI.SI

Passive house-certified add-on construction on timber for façades and skylights

With the Schüco AOC 60 TI.SI (Timber Super Insulated) façade system, thanks to a ground-breaking isolator design, highly thermally insulated skylights and vertical façades can be created in a 60 mm system width on timber substructures in accordance with the requirements of the Darmstadt Passive House Institute, with a wide range of design options.

Patented system components enable simple and reliable designs, including load transfer and screw guidance, even with large pane dimensions and triple glazing.

An innovative sealing system ensures maximum thermal insulation in the roof area thanks to an integrated screw guide – with optimised handling during fabrication.

The passive house-certified add-on construction on timber combines energy-efficient, aesthetically pleasing construction with efficient fabrication and installation.


Fabrication benefits

  • Sealing components without use of sealant in the vertical façade for efficient and secure installation
  • Patented screw guide: different infill thicknesses can be inserted reliably and efficiently
  • Roof area with butyl tape sealing and integrated screw guide for maximum installation reliability
  • Special basic profiles with positioning guide for timber fabricators

Technical information

Uf value of frame (≥)0.78 W/(m²·K)
Min. face width60 mm
Max. glass/panel thickness64 mm
Max. weight280 kg
Surface finishesPowder, Anodised, Paint
Air permeabilityAE 1350
Max. sound reduction Rwp51 dB(A)
WatertightnessRE 1350
Impact resistanceI5/E5
Burglar resistanceUp to RC3
Suitable for safety barrier loadingYes
Max. unit weight280 kg
Min.-max. face width60 mm
Face width of pressure plate / cover cap profile60 mm
Face width, outside60 mm
Face width, inside60 mm
Face width of mullion60 mm
Face width of frame60 mm
Face width of transom60 mm
Min. glass/panel thickness26 mm
Min.-max. glass/panel thickness26…64 mm
Max. glass/infill weight280 kg
Installation angle2-105°
Polygon façade angle20°
Skylight construction, min. vert. incline2°
Skylight construction, max. vert. incline105°
Skylight construction, min.-max. vert. incline2…105°
Skylight constructionYes
Drainage levels3
Wind load resistance2.0/3.0 [kN/m²]
Sun shading attachmentYes
Spandrel safety barriersSurface-mounted, Façade-mounted
CertificatesPassive house certificate
CE markingYes
Passive house compliantYes
Passive house classphA
StandardsDIN EN 1627, DIN EN 13830, General building authority approval
Building authority approvalYes


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Specification texts

Schüco AOC 60+ TI.SI, highly thermally insulated aluminium add-on construction on a timber load-bearing structure (gasket system)
As a mullion/transom construction for multi-storey façades with a 60 mm external face width.

Design features:
Façade construction with an aluminium pressure plate and foam strip with a highly reflective aluminium foil to prevent thermal radiation.

Load-bearing structure:
The load-bearing structure of the façade construction must be fabricated from suitable types of wood.
The load-bearing structure of the façade construction is to be fabricated from suitable types of wood supplied by the customer.
Wood quality, design and surface treatment are described separately. The necessary cross sections must be calculated according to DIN 1052. Furthermore, DIN EN 942 (Wood in joinery work), DIN 1055 (Anticipated loads for buildings) and “Technical regulations for the use of glazing with linear supports, DIBt, September 1998 edition” must be taken into account in the design of the construction. The load-bearing wood construction is on the inside. In faceted façades, the width of the wood profile must not exceed 60 mm if insert units are planned to be installed.
The glazing system consists of aluminium cover caps and pressure plates (clamping connection). The joint between the pressure plates and the load-bearing structure must be designed in accordance with the conditions of the existing general building authority approval. The glazing system is attached to the load-bearing structure using an aluminium basic profile by means of screw connections. The aluminium profiles have alternating holes 125 mm apart for this purpose. A large-volume EPDM gasket with integral ventilation channels, structural height 15mm, forms the basis for the installation of the glazing and the ventilation of the construction. The joints of the gaskets to be laid horizontally and vertically must overlap and be sealed. The corresponding alternating notches must be made in accordance with the system manufacturer’s recommendations.

Glazing / insert units:
All glazing, even in the insert units, lies in the same plane.
The glazing gaskets made from weather-resistant, black EPDM on the room side are of different depths in the mullions and transoms (6 mm offset).
Two individual gaskets made from weather-resistant, black EPDM, with a height of 5 mm, are positioned on the outside. Moulded gasket intersections made from EPDM must be used where mullions and transoms join.

Rebate base ventilation and vapour pressure equalisation are achieved at all four corners of each module field into the mullion rebate.
For field drainage and ventilation, appropriate openings must be made in the aluminium pressure plates, cover caps and gaskets.

Dimensions and design of the exterior cover caps:
Cover cap (mullion) U-shaped 60 x 30 mm
Cover cap (transom) rectangular 60 x 8.5 mm


CAD data

Instrucions for use

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Planning principles

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