The VISS® TV tubular steel profile system is suitable for building large, highly insulated vertical façades where architectural style is not to be compromised.

With narrow profile face widths of 50 and 60mm and different basic depths, the inner loadbearing construction of the façade units can be designed in a variety of different ways and with good light penetration.

With aluminium profiles in a range of depths and contours, an architectural statement can also be made with respect to the outer cover caps of the loadbearing construction. Cover cap profiles in blue bronze and INOX quality complete the wide range of design options for the façade.


Fabrication benefits

  • Narrow face widths of 50 and 60 mm
  • Large-area façade units thanks to optimised statics
  • Variety of options for façade design with wide range of aluminium cover caps
  • High level of thermal insulation
  • Dry / pressure glazing system
  • Tested to British CWCT (Centre for Window and Cladding Technology) standards
  • TRAV approved
  • CE conformable

Technical information

Uf value of frame (≥)1.5 W/(m²·K)
Min. face width50 mm
Max. glass/panel thickness70 mm
Max. weight1800 kg
Surface finishesRAL, Powder, Paint
Air permeabilityAE
Max. sound reduction Rwp47 dB(A)
WatertightnessRE 1200
Impact resistanceClass 5
Burglar resistanceUp to RC4
Suitable for safety barrier loadingYes
Bullet resistanceUp to FB6
Min. basic depth of mullion50 mm
Max. basic depth of mullion280 mm
Min.-max. basic depth of mullion50…280 mm
Max. face width60 mm
Min.-max. face width50…60 mm
Min. glass/panel thickness6 mm
Min.-max. glass/panel thickness6…70 mm
Max. glass/infill weight1800 kg
Installation angle0-15°
Drainage levels2
Wind load resistance2.0 [kN/m²]
Sun shading attachmentYes
Security systemYes
CE markingYes
StandardsDIN EN 1627, DIN EN 13830, EN 1522
CWCT certifiedYes
Building authority approvalYes


Order and technical manual 2-2 – Fire-resistant façades

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Order and fabrication manual – VISS RC

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Architecture in steel and glass

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Specification texts

WK2 in accordance with DIN EN 1627 – Test report 211 30923
Thermally insulated mullion/transom construction for single and multi-storey façades

Design features:
The load-bearing structure of the façade construction consists of right-angled or specially shaped steel hollow profiles with a face width of 50/60 mm and different basic depths. The load-bearing profiles are on the room side. The transoms are welded to the mullions or are attached to them using special connecting spigots.
In the case of façade units with burglar-resistant requirements, the fabrication and assembly guidelines from the system provider must be observed.
External cover cap profiles in aluminium / stainless steel, face width 50/60 mm, with various depths and contours.
Glazing/panel thicknesses up to 70 mm may be used. All glazing, even in the insert units, lies in the same plane.
Insert units from the JANISOL / JANISOL primo systems can be installed in the burglar-resistant façade as door and window units with building attachments that conform to the test certificate.
All glazing and/or panels are sealed in using EPDM weatherstrips. The inner weatherstrips form the drainage level of the system. The top pane edge seal is covered by a tab, which is vulcanised to the horizontal weatherstrip. The rebate base is ventilated and the vapour pressure of the glazing rebate is equalised to the outside in a concealed manner, field by field, by means of deflector blocks in the transom area below the outer cover profile.
The pressure plates are connected to the load-bearing structure using stainless steel screws, centring washers and insulated fixing studs. The insulated fixing studs are clamped in the load-bearing structure.
There must not be any direct connections or thermal bridging caused by the screw connection between the load-bearing structure and the outer pressure plates. All screws for external use must be stainless steel.

Profile face widths:
Mullion, transom 50/60 mm

Profile basic depths, face width 50 mm:
(The formal dimensions given here are minimum requirements)
Mullion 25/50/60/80/95/120/140 mm
Transom 25/50/60/80/95/120/140 mm
Transom base point and
intermediate floor attachment 50/60/80/95/120/140 mm
Cover cap (mullion)
(See architect folder for types) 18 mm
Cover cap (transom)
(See architect folder for types) 12 mm

Profile basic depths, face width 60 mm:
(The formal dimensions given here are minimum requirements)
Mullion 25/50/80/100/120/150 mm
Transom 25/50/80/100/120/150 mm
Transom base point and
intermediate floor attachment 50/80/100/120/150 mm
Cover cap (mullion)
(See architect folder for types) 18 mm
Cover cap (transom)
(See architect folder for types) 12 mm


Test documents

Document type Test type Result Classification Document no. / Download
Prüfbericht Schallmessung Rw=50dB Rw=50dB View onlineDownload (pdf, 312.7 KB)
Prüfbericht Pendelschlagversuch Kategorie A View onlineDownload (pdf, 563.9 KB)
Prüfbericht Pendelschlagversuch Kategorie A View onlineDownload (pdf, 954.5 KB)
Prüfbericht Einbruchhemmung
RC3 View onlineDownload (pdf, 521.9 KB)
Prüfzeugnis Beschuß FB4 NS FB4 NS View onlineDownload (pdf, 169.2 KB)
Gutachterliche Stellungnahme Einbruchhemmung
EN 1627 View onlineDownload (pdf, 596.3 KB)
Gutachterliche Stellungnahme Schlagregendichtheit AE, RE 1200, 2000 Pa, I5/E5 CE Leistungswerte RC3 View onlineDownload (pdf, 323.9 KB)
Gutachterliche Stellungnahme Einbruchhemmung RC3 View onlineDownload (pdf, 947.7 KB)
Gutachterliche Stellungnahme Luftdurchlässigkeit
Widerstand gegen Windlast
Klasse AE
Klasse RE 1200
2000 Pa/ 3000 Pa
I5 / E5
Klasse AE
Klasse RE 1200
2000 Pa/ 3000 Pa
I5 / E5
View onlineDownload (pdf, 323.9 KB)
Produktpass Zulassung ohne Prüfung View onlineDownload (pdf, 4.6 MB)