ADS 65.NI FR 30 for 30 minutes fire resistance

The non-insulated Schüco ADS 65.NI FR 30 door and wall construction offers flexible system solutions for the fire resistance classes E30 (G30) and EW30 (G30)

The Schüco ADS 65.NI FR 30 fire door and wall system is based on highly stable, non-insulated aluminium profiles with a basic depth of 65 mm. The system combines total fulfillment of fire protection and smoke protection requirements with multi-purpose features such as sound reduction, panic function and burglar resistance. At the same time, Schüco is setting new standards for aluminium fire protection constructions with the newly developed system solution for E30-(G30) applications. Large single and double-leaf door constructions with concealed fittings offer maximum design freedom whilst fulfilling the most exacting architectural demands. To this end, tested panel solutions can be used as a new type of infill.

Schüco ADS 65.NI FR 30 impresses as an E30 solution in terms of cost effectiveness too: the system solution does not require any fire boards for door constructions or fixed glazing. It offers a multi-purpose groove as well as push-in fittings for easy, rapid fabrication.

Schüco ADS 65.NI FR 30 is a fully tested system which boasts numerous country-specific approvals which serve as fire protection certification. In Germany, only G30 fixed glazing is used in accordance with building regulations.



  • Clear opening dimensions up to 1400 mm x 2488 mm and glass formats up to 1500 mm x 3000 mm ensure high transparency
  • Concealed fittings: concealed hinges, integrated top door closer and integrated pre-selector allow a homogeneous, elegant appearance


  • Fire protection series for doors and fixed glazing with the fire resistance classes E30 and EW30, fully tested in accordance with EN1634 / 1364
  • G30 fixed glazing tested in accordance with DIN 4102 (for Germany)
  • Smoke protection door range, fully tested in accordance with EN1634-3 and DIN 18095
  • RC 2 (WK2) burglar resistance

Enhanced function

  • Available with different functional properties: fire and smoke protection, burglar resistance, panic function and sound reduction (to 37 dB), functions can also be combined
  • Panel solutions for door and wall constructions with E30 / EW30 (G30) possible


System basic depth
  • 65 mm
Min. face width
  • 137 mm
Max. glass/panel thickness
  • 39 mm
Max. sound reduction Rwp
  • 36 dB(A)
Burglar resistance
  • Up to RC2
Area of application
  • Commercial projects
  • Internal use
Proof of durability
  • 200,000 cycles in accordance with DIN EN 12400
Security system
  • Ja
Min.-max. glass/panel thickness
  • …39 mm
Mechanical strength
  • Class 4
Concealed fittings system
  • Ja
Max. height
  • 2663 mm
Max. width
  • 3170 mm
Min.-max. height
  • 1707…2663 mm
Min.-max. width
  • 578…3170 mm
Max. clear opening dimension (w x h)
  • 2820 x 2488 mm
Min. clear opening dimension (w x h)
  • 460 x 1648 mm
Type of design
  • Double-vent
  • Single-vent and side section
  • Double-vent and side section
  • Single-vent with toplight
  • Double-vent with toplight
  • Single-vent with toplight and side section
  • Double-vent with toplight and side section
  • Single-vent with side section, right
  • Single-vent with side section, left
  • Single-vent with side section, right and left
  • Single-vent with side section and toplight
  • Double-vent with side section, right
  • Double-vent with side section, left
  • Double-vent with side section, right and left
  • For use in glazing
Max. weight
  • 120 kg
Fire protection
  • G30
  • EW30
  • E30
Smoke protection
  • SA
  • S200
  • DIN EN 1627
  • DIN 4102
  • EN 1634
  • EN 1364
  • Aluminium
  • Non-insulated
  • Fire protection
  • Smoke protection
  • Burglar resistance
  • Interior design
Max. glass size (w x h)
  • 1500 x 3000 mm
  • Door
  • Fixed glazing
Direction of opening
  • Inward and outward
  • Side-hung
  • Finger-trap protection
  • Single and double-vent
Emergency exit door
  • Ja
Installation option
  • Vertical
Basic protection against vandalism
  • Ja