ADS 65.NI range

The non-insulated system solution for warmer climate zones.

The Schüco Door ADS 65.NI (Non Insulation) is particularly suitable for use in warmer climate zones where cost effectiveness and modern design are required. Optional fittings also allow it to be used as a multi-purpose door and integrated into the building security and building management system.

Can be used with the widest range of glazing bead options. Centre glazing and angled glazing beads for architectural requirements

As side-hung door, swing door, all-glass door or opposed opening door

Visually compatible. Identical face widths such as ADS 65.NI SP smoke doors and ADS 80 FR fire doors…



  • Multi-purpose groove for rapid, push-in fixing of fittings using sliding blocks (Schüco Door ADS 65.NI only)
  • Continuous leaf profile
  • Can be integrated in the building automation system
  • Can be made as a swing door or an all-glass door


System basic depth
  • 65 mm
Min. face width
  • 137 mm
Max. glass/panel thickness
  • 39 mm
Max. sound reduction Rwp
  • 44 dB(A)
Burglar resistance
  • Up to RC2
CE marking
  • Ja
Area of application
  • Residential projects
  • Commercial projects
  • Internal use
Proof of durability
  • 200,000 cycles in accordance with DIN EN 12400
Min.-max. glass/panel thickness
  • …39 mm
Mechanical strength
  • Class 4
Concealed fittings system
  • Ja
  • Aluminium
  • Non-insulated
  • Framed look
  • Increased security
  • Interior design
Max. height
  • 3220 mm
Max. width
  • 3180 mm
Min.-max. height
  • 1750…3220 mm
Min.-max. width
  • 625…3180 mm
Max. clear opening dimension (w x h)
  • 2820 x 2988 mm
Min. clear opening dimension (w x h)
  • 460 x 1648 mm
Type of design
  • Double-vent
  • Single-vent and side section
  • Double-vent and side section
  • Single-vent with toplight
  • Double-vent with toplight
  • Single-vent with toplight and side section
  • Double-vent with toplight and side section
  • Single-vent with side section, right
  • Single-vent with side section, left
  • Single-vent with side section, right and left
  • Single-vent with side section and toplight
  • Double-vent with side section, right
  • Double-vent with side section, left
  • Double-vent with side section, right and left
  • For use in glazing
Special applications
  • Swing door
  • Anti-finger-trap door
  • Opposed opening door
DIN direction
  • DIN LH / RH



Schüco ADS 65.NI, non-insulated aluminium door and partition wall system
With 65 mm basic depth.

Design features:
The construction is flush-fitted on the outside and inside.
The system must be fitted with square glazing beads.
The door leaves must have a four-sided mitre-cut leaf profile.
The sill is sealed by a gasket that falls into place automatically when the door is closed.
Depending on requirements, a threshold profile and a gasket with lips can also be used.

Profile basic depths:
Outer frame, transom, mullion,
leaf frame and sill 65 mm

Profile face widths:
Outer frame, side / top 59 mm
Outer frame extension 34 mm
Mullion 84 mm
Transom 84 mm
Leaf frame (door) 98 mm
Continuous sill rail 98 mm
Sill 142 mm