AvanTec SimpySmart

180° opening, concealed fittingd system for aluminium windows

Concealed fittings technology

Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart fittings make it possible to meet modern architectural requirements by means of large-format opening units with fully concealed fittings technology – with opening angles up to 180°.

The Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart fittings system, which is fully integrated in the profile, is available for inward-opening side-hung, turn/tilt and tilt-before-turn windows and can also be used for tilt/slide windows and doors – inclusive of a limiting stay tested in accordance with DIN EN 13126 (safety in use against falling out).

Expanded range of accessories

An extensive range of accessories and contemporary handles impresses with enhanced functionality, appearance and value.

The new symmetrical cavity-fitted gearbox is beneficial in that it can be used on both the right and left-hand side

The redesigned cable link connector allows cable connections to be fed through the locking bar as well

A special tilt-before-turn functional handle with key lock offers a high level of security for a wide variety of applications, such as in hospitals, rehabilitation centres and care facilities

A functional handle with two-hand operation which can be used predominantly for the protection of children has been added to the range specifically for the Scandinavian market

A functional handle with triangle drive is part of the range for use in public buildings and has the same drive geometry as fire service keys or parking bollards



  • Efficient fabrication: Flexible, simple and intuitive
  • Vent parts self-positioning and installed without tools
  • Fittings installation without locking bar recess on the vent facilitates faster fabrication
  • Maximum use of identical parts within the system and within the Schüco AWS modular system
  • New symmetrical cavity-fitted gearbox: Can be used on the right and left-hand side; simplified cutting of the locking bar and reduced storage requirements
  • Simplified and efficient locking bar preparation: RC 2 burglar resistance now possible without locking bar fixing