ADS doors

Schüco ADS doors, with seven different depths, several vent contours and outstanding thermal insulation values provide the best qualities for entrance doors

The Schüco ADS door systems are designed for main and side entrances subject to normal loading. The door systems are available in seven basic depths from 50 mm to 112 mm, allowing the developer to configure the appropriate door system for individual requirements. Leaf heights up to 2,500 mm and leaf weights up to 200 kg therefore offer design freedom for high quality architectural solutions.

With several leaf contours available, such as Soft Line (SL) with its rounded profile, the Schüco ADS door system offers a wide range of design options. Modern doors are no longer simply opening units. They are increasingly being integrated into building automation systems. The Schüco Door Control System (DCS) allows these requirements to be met with a high quality appearance.

Energy savings of up to 50 % can be achieved by the Schüco ADS door profile system (Schüco Door 90.SI). With Uf values to 1.0 W/(m²K) (Schüco Door ADS 112.IC), they meet the highest thermal insulation requirements.

A high degree of security is also assured, as Schüco ADS doors can be designed up to a safety class of RC 3 (WK3). The automatic multi-point locking (Schüco SafeMatic) offers the user a high level of security, even if the door has not been locked using the key.



  • Optimised for front and side entrance doors up to 2,500 mm in height and 160 kg in weight
  • Uf value down to 1.0 W/(m²K) (Schüco ADS 112.IC)
  • Basic depths of 50, 60, 65, 70, 75, 90 and 112 mm
  • Enlarged insulation zone with foam-filled insulating bars
  • Optimum thermal insulation possible due to leaf-enclosing infill on both sides
  • Security class up to RC 3 (WK3)