Door ADS 50.NI

Non-insulated door system for economical indoor applicationsNon-insulated door system for economical indoor applications

The non-insulated Schüco ADS 50.NI (Non Insulation) aluminium system was designed especially for interiors. Despite narrow face widths and a very small basic depth of 50 mm, the stable construction type even allows room-height units to be built. This system is also fully compatible with the non-insulated Schüco AWS window series.

The universal application of Schüco Door ADS 50.NI is proof of the advanced system technology of this highly developed aluminium door series. In addition to door constructions, the application options extend from internal partition walls to draught lobbies and reception areas.



  • Multi-purpose groove for rapid, push-in fixing of fittings using sliding blocks (Schüco Door ADS 65.NI only)
  • Continuous leaf profile
  • Can be integrated in the building automation system
  • Can be made as a swing door or an all-glass door


System basic depth
  • 50 mm
Min. face width
  • 141 mm
Max. glass/panel thickness
  • 32 mm
Air permeability
  • Class 2
Burglar resistance
  • Up to RC2
Wind load resistance
  • Class C3
CE marking
  • Ja
Max. vent weight
  • 200 kg
Area of application
  • External use
  • Commercial projects
  • Internal use
Proof of durability
  • Class 5
Min.-max. glass/panel thickness
  • 6…32 mm
Barrier-free (≤) 20 mm
  • Ja
Zero-level threshold
  • Ja
  • Aluminium
  • Non-insulated
  • Framed look
  • Interior design
Max. height
  • 2500 mm
Max. width
  • 1100 mm
Min.-max. height
  • …2500 mm
Min.-max. width
  • …1100 mm
Opening type
  • Inward and outward
  • Finger-trap protection
Type of design
  • Single-vent
  • Double-vent
  • Single-vent and side section
  • Double-vent and side section
  • Single-vent with toplight
  • Double-vent with toplight
  • Single-vent with toplight and side section
  • Double-vent with toplight and side section
  • Single-vent with side section, right
  • Single-vent with side section, left
  • Single-vent with side section, right and left
  • Single-vent with side section and toplight
  • Double-vent with side section, right
  • Double-vent with side section, left
  • Double-vent with side section, right and left
Door threshold
  • Aluminium
  • PVC-U
  • Automatic door gasket
  • Flat door threshold
Vent option
  • All around
  • Sill rail profile
  • Adjustable sill
Special applications
  • Swing door
  • Flush-fitted
  • Anti-finger-trap door
Infill type
  • Insert panel infill
DIN direction
  • DIN LH / RH
Finger-trap protection
  • Ja
Electric strikes
  • Ja
With panic function
  • Ja


Schüco ADS 50.NI, non-insulated aluminium door and partition wall system
With 50 mm basic depth.

Design features:
The construction is flush-fitted on the inside and outside.
The system must be fitted with square glazing beads.
The sill is sealed by a gasket that falls into place automatically when the door is closed. Depending on requirements, a threshold profile and a gasket with lips can also be used.

Profile basic depths:
Outer frame, transom, mullion,
leaf frame and sill 50 mm

Profile face widths:
Outer frame, side / top 66 mm
Outer frame, bottom 120 mm
Mullion 88 mm
Transom 88 mm
Leaf frame (door) 92 mm
Sill 112 mm
Meeting stile profile (inside view) 39 mm