Façade System SFC 85 SG.HI

Highly thermally insulated design façade with structural glazing look for maximum transparency

The Schüco SFC 85 SG.HI (Stick Frame Construction Structural Glazing High Insulated) façade system is a highly thermally insulated type of all-glass façade with fixed fields flush-fitted in the façade and opening units that cannot be identified as insert units from the outside or the inside. The result: elegant design façades in a structural glazing look with maximum transparency and identical face widths for fixed fields and window vents, offering outstanding thermal insulation.

The insert units completely integrated in the load-bearing structure can be implemented in particularly large fixed field or vent formats with heavy unit weights.

The tried-and-tested structural glazing façade with double and triple glazing has been approved in Europe by ETA-07-0120.


Fabrication benefits

  • Simple mounting of the fixed fields in the load-bearing structure ensures particularly efficient installation
  • European Technical Approval (ETA-07-0120) is available for the structural glazing façade system

Technical information

Uf value of frame (≥)2.1 W/(m²·K)
Min. face width85 mm
Max. glass/panel thickness55 mm
Max. weight480 kg
Surface finishesPowder, Anodised, Paint
Air permeabilityAE
WatertightnessRE 1200
Impact resistanceI5/E5
Min. basic depth of mullion19 mm
Max. basic depth of mullion228 mm
Min.-max. basic depth of mullion19…228 mm
Max. vent weight250 kg
Min.-max. face width85 mm
Min. glass/panel thickness28 mm
Min.-max. glass/panel thickness28…55 mm
Max. width2700 mm
Max. height3600 mm
Drainage levels3
Concealed opening unitYes
Wind load resistanceClass C2 / B2
CE markingYes
European Technical AssessmentYes

Test documents

Document type Test type Result Classification Document no. / Download
Gutachterliche Stellungnahme Widerstand gegen Windlast
C2 / B2
View onlineDownload (pdf, 76.0 KB)