Sliding System ASS 28/32.NI

Lightweight, non-insulated sliding system with high proportion of glass to frame

The Schüco ASS 28/32 SC.NI (Square Cut Non-Insulated) aluminium sliding system with narrow face widths and a low proportion of frame to glass enables large-scale, transparent opening units to be created – perfect for use in residential, commercial and public buildings with no thermal insulation requirements.

The range of double and triple-track opening types provides a great deal of planning freedom for the creation of custom solutions for sliding systems.

High-quality stainless steel/aluminium tracks ensure that the vent units run smoothly and quietly and therefore improve user comfort.

An added benefit for the fabricator is that the reduced amount of material used and square-cut vent frames without glazing beads make fabrication quick and easy.



Fabrication benefits

  • Minimum use of materials due to optimisation of profile wall thicknesses
  • Easy, quick and reliable fabrication and production
  • Various types of vent: square-cut without glazing bead or mitre-cut with glazing bead
  • Aluminium/stainless steel tracks

Technical information

System basic depth32 mm
Max. vent width1700 mm
Max. vent height2500 mm
Max. vent weight160 kg
Min. face width57 mm
Max. glass/panel thickness24 mm
Burglar resistanceUp to RC1 N
Min.-max. vent width…1700 mm
Min. face width of interlocking section35 mm
Min.-max. glass/panel thickness4…24 mm
Area of applicationExternal use, Residential projects, Commercial projects
Number of tracksDouble track, Triple track
Surface finishesPowder, Paint
Operating forcesClass 1
Operating typemanual
Opening typeType 2A, Type 2A/1, Type 2B, Type 2D, Type 2D/1, Type 3E, Type 3E/1, Type 3F
Air permeabilityC
Wind load resistanceClass C5
WatertightnessClass 7A


[Ca] Schüco ASS 28 / 32 SC.NI

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[Ca] Schüco ASS 28 SC.NI / Schüco ASS 32 SC.NI

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