Consolidating the previous systems

Schüco ASS 32 SC.NI, ASS 32.NI and ASS 28 SC.NI

The Schüco ASS 32 SC.NI and ASS 32.NI systems are non-insulated systems, providing an economic and cost-effective solution for sliding doors in interior design and any situation where no thermal insulation is required.

Both systems use the same outer frame. It is the leaf profiles that differ: butt jointed (ASS 32 SC.NI) and mitre cut (ASS 32.NI).



  • Slim face widths of the leaf frame for maximum light penetration
  • Aluminium profiles specifically for building interiors
  • Easy operation with (lockable) one-hand handles
  • Considerable design freedom thanks to perfect system compatibility; can also be combined with toplights and spandrel panelsRollers run on bearings for smooth, quiet operationDouble or triple-track design
  • Aluminium profiles specifically for building interiors
  • Basic depth of 65 mm (double track) or 50 mm (triple track)
  • Glass thicknesses of 4 mm (single glazing) and 18 mm (insulating glass)
  • Slim face widths of leaf (69 mm)
  • Up to six sliding leaves allow unit to be opened up to two-thirds of maximum
  • Maximum leaf weight 90 kg
  • Optional structural profiles for large units and higher installation heights
  • Can also be used as balcony glazing