Dynamic glass – prototype

The innovative SageGlass® glass solution from Saint-Gobain is based on a dynamic tintable glass for windows, doors and façades. A so-called electrochromic glass, SageGlass® can be electronically tinted completely noiselessly – or made completely clear again silently – either automatically or manually at the touch of a button. The amount of light and heat that enter the building are therefore easily controlled. Unrestricted views to the outside are maintained in all tinted stages of the glass. As conventional mechanical solar shading outdoors is not needed, completely new approaches to façade design are opened up to architects. SageGlass® is not only an environmentally friendly alternative to blinds, louvre blades and roller shutters, architects are suddenly offered a blank canvas in terms of façade design. Its purist glass aesthetic is also appealing, setting new architectural standards.

The light transmission of Schüco solar shading with SageGlass® can be adjusted to four levels of tint between 1% and 61%. As well as offering protection against the suns harsh rays, reducing the amount of sunlight that enters the room in turn helps to reduce heat gain. SageGlass® ensures a pleasant indoor climate, even with high outdoor temperatures in rooms that are flooded with light. A study by Hilson Moran has shown that SageGlass® reduces energy consumption by 5% compared to highly efficient, rear-ventilated twin-wall façades, and by up to 25% compared to externally shaded façades, depending on the building location.

SageGlass® is the ideal choice for design- oriented projects that require the optimised use of daylight. Combined with Schüco window, door and façade systems, it maximises energy efficiency and sustainability, as well as comfort for building occupants. Installation is extremely easy.




  • Lower air conditioning costs
  • Reduction of lighting energy and costs
  • Energy and cost of mechanical shading systems completely eliminated


  • Design freedom thanks to absence of physical interior and exterior shading systems
  • Always transparent, even at the highest tint level
  • Simplified façade construction (no need for blind casing)
  • Can be combined with existing building management systems
  • Available in four colours as standard; other bespoke colours available upon request


  • Protects valuable items from from the sun‘s harmful rays and unwanted heat
  • Wind and weather resistant, regardless of building height


Area of application
  • Window
  • Façades
Max. height
Max. width
Operating type
  • electric
Power supply
  • 24 V
  • General building authority approval
Installation option
  • Integrated
Min. width
Min. height
Operating limit