Sensors are essential for building automation because they provide the necessary information for monitoring and controlling the building envelope. Schüco offers a variety of sensors for recording physical conditions inside and outside the building, e.g. wind, rain, CO2 and temperature. The most important sensors for building automation include Schüco magnetic switches that monitor the status of windows, doors and toplights. They indicate whether a building opening is open or closed, locked or unlocked, and therefore provide added security as well as increased effectiveness.



  • Monitoring of opening (open / closed)
  • Monitoring of closing (locked / unlocked)
  • Combined monitoring of opening and closing
  • Connection to burglar alarms, intelligent façade technology and heating control systems
  • Bolt contact switches
  • Glass breakage sensors
  • Weather data (e.g. sun, wind, rain, ice and temperature)
  • Inside temperature
  • CO2 content of ambient air
  • Light intensity
  • Recording time and occupancy of rooms
  • VdS classification Class B and Class C


Area of application
  • Residential projects
  • Commercial projects
  • Increased security
for system basic depths
BSC compatible
Can be integrated in
  • Public building
  • Side entrance
  • Residential building
  • Network
  • KNX